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Rebecca Waugh


The Mastermind Behind Beckystravels

Rebecca Waugh is going places.
She wants to make sure you go places too.
Famously known as Becky, the fashionable mom of two young Queens in the making, she has been striving to serve not only her family but her country as well. After being discharged from the United States Military due to a disability sustained in service, Becky worked on a plan for her future and began to execute it. Earning just ten dollars an hour for over ten years, she taught herself how to make every dollar count.
The hours needed to meet the basic needs of her family were great in number.  Quality family time was sometimes non-existent. 

Going away on family vacations were Becky’s way of maintaining a relationship and bond with her daughters. That grew into her creating her own travel agency. Waugh realized how great she was at finding beautiful resorts that met the needs of her family-style and budget.  Would she be able to help other families and people travel in style at fair, affordable prices?  Her work in the travel industry for the past decade leads to a resounding “Yes!’.  Repeat customers, who tell their friends, remind her that her work in the travel industry is needed.  Rebecca’s got the whole world in her hand, and she can point you towards the best spot for you.  

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